Nadja Pärssinen (Fin./Rus.) is a Finnsih choreographer, performer and movement teacher based in Southern Finland. Often her works involves instant composition, text, interdisclipinary art forms and relations to the sound and movement. She is an initiator of a collaboration platform FlowWowProductions which was established in 2018.

She has been working as a choreographer and performer for many years in Improvisation Group Flesh in the Space, NotaBene art group led by chor. Vera Lapitskaya, and with following choreographers; Beniamino Borghi, Madeline Hollander, Sanna Myllylahti, Anu Sistonen, Anna Venäläinen, Katariina Vähäkallio, Katriina Kantola and Pia Lindy. In addition Pärssinen has been participating to Rosalind Crisp’s intensive lab periods, which has been a huge source of inspiration. In her latest works she has been collaborating with visual artistis Jeroen Sebrechts, Virpi Velin, Roberto Fusco, Alisa Javits and following sound designers Moritz Cartheuser, Ari Salonen, Olga Nosova & Amanda Blomqvist. Currently she is practicing energetic work of Qigong and Taiji, wandering & climbing in nature and stydying quitar playing. She has been teaching in Helsinki Dance Company and giving profitraining in various places in Finland.

Her recent creation Mirror Mirror Sees Them All was created together with visual artist Virpi Velin and media artist Roberto Fusco. This performance studied different dialogues with the question what it means to observe and to be observed through the lens of a camera and to be constantly reflected from images and moving mirroring surfaces of AI. Pärssinen was choreographing DEEP SKIN dance piece for two musicians and four performers, where the starting point of the creation was question what happens when you make yourself available.  She also performed in chor. Madeline Hollander Future Delay work in Helsinki Contemporary Art Gallery. She created Our solidaric bodies sound and movement performance for four female performers and one drummer, which was performed in high school of Mattliden, Espoo 2019. Recently she did The Landscape escapes in a relation to… a short dance film in a collaboration with a video artist Alisa Javits.

She has been teaching in Helsinki Dance Company and giving profitraining in various places in Finland such as University of Arts theatre department (Swedish) in Helsinki, RIVERIA dance department in North Karelia, Regional Dance Centre of Pohjanmaa in Vaasa and in following associations Tanssille Ry in Helsinki, DansArt Ry in Turku and TREenit Ry in Tampere.

  • In 2009 graduated from North-Karelia´s international Dance Department.
  • In 2015 she studied Theater and Pedagogy studies in Helsinki University of Art in Finland.
  • In 2018 established her own platform FlowWowProductions.
  • Since 2019  has been active board member of  Catalysti Tanscultural Artist in Finland ry.
  • Since 2019  has her own working space in Cultural Center Sähinä which is located in a beautiful island Lauttasaari, region of Helsinki.