Mapping the sketches of… (Nadja Pärssinen & Hannu Karjalainen, WHS-theater space, Helsinki 10.5.2023. 

The landscape escapes in a relation to… (Javits & Pärssinen) dance film screening part of Dance Screen in Caisa program in Helsinki 2.3.2024. Link to the event!

Let the wandering talk on it´s own way multidisciplinary dance piece (Pärssinen & Rose) in LakeStudios – Dance Research and Residency Center´s Unfinished Friday event in Berlin/Germany 23.2.2024. Link to the event!

With Queer-friends of mines Välke and Hessu I took part of Lauantaisauna documentary video work which is part of Die Sauna installation exhibition at the Felleshus in Berlin/Germany.  It is the work of documentarist Karoliina Gröndahl and the installation is open between this time  27.1.-14.4.2024. More information!

Trans/Queer Joy as an Act of Resistance sound and movement performance (Pärssinen & Ruby) part of ESKUS performance event 23.1.2024. Link to the event!


Profitraining in LakeStudios – Dance Research and Residency Center event in Berlin/Germany between 19.-30.2.2024. 


LakeStudios – Dance Research and Residency  Center event in Berlin/Germany 2,5 weeks in February-March 2024.