• Contract of walking (working title) a short dance film work in process with a video artist Sari Antikainen,  during March, April & June 2021.
  • Instant compositions based performances, in a collaboration with  Maya M. Carroll & Vera Lapitskaya in Indictus-studio, Helsinki 31.5-4.6.2021.
  • Let the wandering talk own it´s own behalf multidisciplinary dance performances in a collaboration with a sound designer Stephen Stamper and light designer Julia Jäntti, in autumn 2021.


  • Sanna Kekäläinen Company´s KEIDAS residency in Helsinki, during the autumn 2021.


  • Teaching profitraining in Tanssivintti, Helsinki, February 2021.
  • Teaching profitraining in Folk high school of Pohjanmaan, April 2021
  • Teaching profitraining in RIVERIA contemporary dance department, North Karelia, April 2021.
  • Teaching profitraining in Turku Dansart, June 2021.


  • Maya M. Carroll | The Instrument: Working with Rhythm and Sound workshop, Cultural center Sähinä, 28.-30.5.2021. Link to the workshop!