FOOTNOTES 2 is an installation performance in which walking, time, and site-spesificness are intertwined into a complex dialogue of motion of walking, audio and video works. In Multidisciplinary narration, it is important for the working group to consider how the corporeality of wandering can be made visible through abstract means. According to abstract artist Anges Martin, the viewer’s mental landscape holds a more important part to perform than what he sees being viewed.

“The mind is looking for a path that the eyes cannot see.”
-Anges Martin-

The FOOTNOTES 2 is installation performance choreographic landscapes through foot initiatives, notes on wandering, Footnotes dance film footage filmed in Tallberg Park in region of Helsinki. At its best, the work can also broaden people’s interest in positive experiences of nature, human evolution and its history, and increase understanding of one’s own reality in nature.

  • Concept: Nadja Pärssinen & Sari Antikainen.
  • Live visual materials: Sari Antikainen.
  • Choreography & dance: Nadja Pärssinen
  • Live sound design: (cellist) Marie-Claire Schalmeus.
  • Promophotos: Sari Antikainen.
  • Production: FlowWowProductions, Cultural center Sähinä.
  • Supporter: Avek – Audiovisual promotion center Finland, City of Espoo, Taike – Arts promotion center Finland & Cultural center Sähinä.
  • Performances: Performances 3.-5.9.2021 in Cultural center Sähinä in Helsinki & Gallery Aarni space in Espoo in December 2021.