“We should go forth on the shortest walk, perchance, in the spirit of undying adventure…”

– Henri David Thoreau –

Footnotes is a dance film and at the same time an audiovisual essay on walking. Through sound, image, dance, and text, it intertwines observations and stories about walking in near by nature Tallberg park, region of Helsinki.The work is a part of a collaborative project between dance artist Nadja Pärssinen and film editor Sari Antikainen, in which they have studied wandering in nearby nature, developed methods of shooting improvised dance and studied various authors’ notes on the embodiment of walking.

  • Concept: Nadja Pärssinen & Sari Antikainen
  • Choreography & dance with the camera: Nadja Pärssinen & Sari Antikainen
  • Video editor/choreographic handwriting: Sari Antikainen
  • Promo photos: Sari Antikainen
  • Production: FlowWowProductions
  • Residency: Cultural centre Sähinä
  • SupporterAVEK – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture , Taike – Center for the Promotion of Arts Finland and the City of Espoo
  • Performances: 2021: KONTTORI cafe & community center in Helsinki, in Gallery Aarni space in Espoo December 2021. 2022: in virtual reality in the beginning of the year, part of international dance day in main library of Matinkylä, Espoo city, Alakaupunki-festival, Lauttasaari & A Block & Aalto University, Espoo city (3 times).

In the photo film editor Sari Antikainen & dance artist Nadja Pärssinen in Tallberg´s park regioin of Helsinki (c) Sari Antikainen