Mirror Mirror Sees Them All  is  movement, image and mediainstallation performance. Starting point of the creation for the workteam was process of being a user of and participant in social media and the ways it reflects selves and transforms identity structures. In the process of creation towards action of performance they  researched in different dialoges what it means to observe and be observed through the lens of a camera and be constantly reflected from moving mirroring surfaces of AI.

Choreography & performance: Nadja Pärssinen 

Photographing on the stage: Virpi Velin 

Multimedia & installation: Roberto (Former Pugliese)

Sound desing: Roberto Fusco

Promophotos: Roberto Fusco & Virpi Velin

Performances:  Big Brother & Sisters -event  in Cultural Center Caisa, Helsinki, October 2018, in Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki 26.-28.4.2019.

Production: FlowWowProductions

Support: Cultural Center of Caisa & Catalysti – Transcaltural artists in Finland

(c) Roberto Fusco