FlowWowProductions got support for

  • Wanderlust soloproject to have long creative process in two residencies (Liisa Pentti´s Co & Liilelaituri)  for 1,5 month during the summer 2020.
  • Wanderlust soloproject´s film collaboration with visual artist for  2 weeks in the summer 2020.
  • Wanderlust soloproject´s workshop in high school of Rudolf Steiner School, in region of Espoo, in Autumn term 2020.
  • Our solidaric bodies workteam to perform movement & sound performance in  one of the high school of Helsinki during Autumn term 2020.
  • Mirror Mirror Sees Them All 3 installation performances part of the Big Brothers & Sisters II program in Vapaan Taiteen Tila 23.-25.10.2020.