Future Delay departs from the work of media pioneers and theoreticians Paul Ryan and Erkki Kurenniemi who dedicated their careers to exploring cybernetics and positing the future potential of technological immortality, mobilizing their experiments through the work of three contemporary artists. Chor. Madeline Hollander (USA) will work in tandem with local dancers to present a choreographic performance that will take place in the gallery throughout the two weeks. Pearla Pigao will present a sonic sculpture that reacts to the movements of the visitors to the gallery, inviting the viewers to participate. Hans Rosenström presents a site-specific multi-channel, binaural sonic installation.

“Technology today promises a stare into the abyss of death but with a happy ending. The exhibition asks us whether technological immortality can replace biological mortality. What would future delay appear as, and how would interference and synchrony between transmission and reception in both organic and technological beings manifest? Are humans choreographing a future integrated with machine, or are the machines choreographing us? “

  • Curator: Amanda Schmitt
  • Choreography: Madeline Hollander
  • Performance: Karin Bergman, Kärdo Shiwan & Nadja Pärssinen
  • Sound designer: Jonathan Mandabach
  • Promo photos: Jussi Tiainen
  • Production: The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, Helsinki Contemporary Art Gallery, HIAP – Helsinki International Artist Programme & Zodiak – Center for New Dance
  • SupporterKone Foundation & Office for Contemporary Art Norway
  • Performances: In Contemporary Art Gallery, Helsinki 6.6,8.6,9.6 & 13.6, 15.6 & 16.6.2019.
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