Sketches of North is a video and installation work that is made by video artist Hannu Karjalainen who invited choreographer and dancer Nadja Pärssinen to bring to the work strong choreographic and performance perspectives thinking and process. The work is made of moving images and strong sound world. The work deals with the necessity of change brought about by climate change, as it affects the relationship between man and nature with an accelerating rhythm through political, social and economic issues.

The work makes visible the contradictions and paradoxes related to a deeper study of themes, which are revealed to the viewer by changing the viewing angle. The abstract, contemplative, hypnotic in atmosphere, but momentarily playful ensemble of works leads the experiencer to surrender to their own interpretations of the dimensions of the connection between man and nature presented in the works. Can hedonism, the pursuit of human pleasure and profit, be in harmony with respecting nature and preserving its diversity?

  • Script and guidance: Hannu Karjalainen.
  • Choreography: Nadja Pärssinen.
  • Dancers: Nadja Pärssinen, Arttu Peltoniemi and Heini Tuoresmäki.
  • Sound recording: Hannu Karjalainen, Hillary Jeffery and Tapani Rinne.
  • Other recordings: Jukka Andersson and Heikki Lindgren.
  • Sound design composition: Hannu Karjalainen, part 4 together with Heli Hartikainen.
  • Other musicians: Heli Hartikainen, Tapani Rinne, Hillary Jeffery, Joonas Leppänen, Kaisa Ruotsalainen.
  • Promo photos: Hannu Karjalainen.
  • Production: Hannu Karjalainen (
  • SupporterTaike – Arts promotion center Finland and Avek – media art grant.
  • Exhibition: K.H.Renlund museum Kokkola and Muu Gallery Helsinki 2023.