Mirror Mirror Sees Them All is a installation performance; a dialog between movement, photo, media art and  installations. In this installation-performance the dancer and photographer move interactively in relation to time, space, audience, each other and live installations, which consists of many small moving mirrors, projected images, videos, soundscape and light. The project is an exploration of how identity and bodily presence are negotiated and reflected through the use of technology, mirrors (the spectators) and audience, when transient selves are built, warped, broken and built again during our digital encounters.

There is an emergent codependency between people and AI based technology and we challenge the audience to think, where is identity situated, when bodily presence takes place via mirrors and technology.  Technology is luring and inviting, you can play with it and feel like being in control, but it “plays you” at the same time.

  • Choreography: Nadja Pärssinen in collaboration with the workgroup
  • Dance: Nadja Pärssinen
  • Photography in live: Virpi Velin
  • Multimedia & installation: Roberto Fusco
  • Sound design: Roberto Fusco
  • Promophotos: Roberto Fusco & Laura Oksanen
  • Production: FlowWowProductions, Cultural Center of Caisa & Catalysti Transcultural artists in Finland
  • Residency: Cultural Center Caisa & Cultural Center Sähinä in Finland
  • Supporter: Cultural Center  Caisa, Catalysti Transcultural artists in Finland, Kone Foundation, Taike – Art Promotion Center Finland, City of Helsinki & OKM – Ministery of Education and Culture.
  • Performances: Big Brothers & Sisters ed. 1 in Cultural Center Caisa, Helsinki October 2018 & Big Brothers & Sisters ed. 2 in Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki October 2020.
  • Trailer
  • THE REVIEW – Tanya Tynjälä.