Let the wandering talk on it´s own behalf is a multidisciplinary dance piece where choreographer and dancer Nadja Pärssinen and sound artist Stephen Stamper explore the corporeality of wandering. They explore wandering in the dialogue of movement, sound and video works that are in a relation to the female body, vast nature, mythology and memories. What kind of things does wandering reveal and make visible, and how could it open up into an interdisciplinary entity considering the natural environment? are important questions for Pärssinen through the studying the bodily observations of the environment experience in the Trolltungan trail route, Norway. Le the wandering talk on it´s own behalf multidisciplinary dance piece is part of Pärssinen’s wandering-themed Wanderlust project

  • Concept: Nadja Pärssinen
  • Choreography & dance: Nadja Pärssinen
  • Sound designer: Ruby Rose (Former Stephen Stamper)
  • Promo photos: Tommi Ahonen, Ingrid Andre & Gabriele Goria, Jyrki Soine
  • Trailer: Tommi Ahonen
  • Production: FlowWowProductions
  • SupporterTaike – Arts promotion center Finland corona grant (1st) & national grant.
  • Residencies: Liikelaituri platform in Tampere 2020, Liisa Pentti Company residency in Helsinki 2020 & Sanna Kekäläinen Company KEIDAS residency in Helsinki 2021.Performances: Sanna Kekäläinen Company´s KEIDAS resideny 2021.
  • Performances: KEIDAS residency in Helsinki 2021, Kulttuurikeskus Sähinä in Helsinki, Dansverkastaedid performance space in Reykjavik/Iceland 2022, ASKEL -Pop up performance event in Lahti 2023, Pikku-Virgiinia Autumn festival 2023, Pikku-Virgiinia Winter festival 2023, Unfinished Friday event in LakeStudios residency Berlin/Germany 2024, Tanssivirtaa Contemporary dance festival in Tampere 2024.