Choreographer and dancer Nadja Pärssinen and video artist Alisa Javits moved and filmed coequally the Landscape escapes in a relation to….  dance film. The creative process of making the dance film took place in Trolltunga, 12-hour hiking road in Norway in June 2020. The Trolltunga hiking trail is one of the best-known and most sought-after landscape destinations in Norway but as well internationally.

In the dance film, Pärssinen and Javits is having a dialogue through wandering, site-orientated dance, written texts about the experiential nature of landscapes and the encounter of non-human nature. The rugged and, at the same time, poetic dance film, which is intertwined with various filming materials,  calls to attention to listen the vast landscapes and invites viewers to reflect on own bodily memories of wandering in nature.

  • Concept: Nadja Pärssinen
  • Collaboration with a video artist Alisa Javits
  • Promophoto: Nadja Pärssinen & Alisa Javits
  • Length: 8.31 min.
  • Production: FlowWowProductions
  • SupporterTaike – Art Promotion Center in Finland & Regional Dance Center of Western Finland
  • Trailer

SCREENINGS 2020/2021

  • Tanssivirtaa Tampere contemporary dance festival´s film day, Tampere city
  • TeeMaa tearoom house, Helsinki city
  • Hooray dance films! event in WHS theatre, Helsinki city
  • Dancing Christmas event in main library, Turku city
  • Tanssivintti´s dance school, Helsinki city
  • Kälviä´s folk high school dance department, Kälviä city
  • RIVERIA vocational school´s dance department, Outokumpu city
  • Dancing in the mountains intensive, Nova Lesna city, Slovakia
  • Dance film´s pop up x Lahti, Lahti city (3 times)
  • MAPPING dance art festival, Helsinki city (2 times)
  • High school of Steiner school, Espoo city  (2 times)
  • Embodiment of the wandering event in virtual world, (whole day), supported by the region of Western dance center (Turku city)
  • Part of international dance day in main library of Matinkylä, Espoo city (4 times)
  • Alakaupunki-festival, Lauttasaari (2 times)
  • A Block & Aalto University, Espoo city (5 times)